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Why use us?

  • You suffer from ongoing or occasional cash flow issues
  • Major customers are putting you on extended payment terms
  • Important payments are being missed – e.g. HMRC, key creditors, payroll
  • You are in a high growth stage and need additional working capital
  • You have suffered a bad debt and need to stabilise cash flow
  • You are a new start business
  • Your sales ledger is highly concentrated
  • Your existing bank facilities are at a maximum
  • Traditional lenders have been unable to help you
  • You only want to fund part of your ledger
  • You only occasionally take on larger jobs which will need financing
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Selective Invoice Finance – how Creative Capital can help your business

Small businesses like yours sometimes have cashflow problems. Whether you need to fund a new project or pay key suppliers, our flexible Selective Invoice Finance facility will help you. Hundreds of small business owners like you, nationwide, have benefited from our cashflow solutions. Working with all industries, we have financed over £80,000,000 of transactions, helping business owners manage their cash and grow their business.

Using our facilities as and when you need to, you only pay for what you use, and only use the facility when you need to. You can finance either a single debtor, or you can choose multiple debtors in order to meet your cash flow needs. The flexibility of Selective Invoice Finance leaves you in charge of your facility, instead of your facility in charge of you.

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To find out more about how Creative Capital can provide easy invoice finance for your business, call us or complete our online application form.

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How it works

Selective Invoice Finance


Case studies

North West based Drainage Contractor. Initial funds out – £7,000
Introduced by national broker

Previously acting as a sole trader contractor, this newly established limited company was in the early phases of growth. Having spent most of the retained cash on setting up the business and purchasing plant, cash flow assistance in the form of Selective Invoice Finance was required to finance a large contract which had just been won. The cash would allow for staff wages to be paid, as well as providing cash reserves to finance upfront costs for future jobs. The facility remains in place to be used as and when a large contract is secured.

North West based Heating and Plumbing Engineer. Initial funds out – £85,000
Introduced by local broker

This well-established business recently secured a number of large contracts within the Eco deal framework. Based around fitting new energy efficient boilers into domestic properties, and invoicing energy companies direct, cash flow assistance is required to keep up with demand. Our funds are being used to pay contractors weekly and to enable the purchase of boilers required to meet the huge demand associated with this industry. Funds are drawn down fortnightly with an exposure running to over £150,000 at any one time. The flexibility of Selective Invoice Finance means that our client can manage cash flow during busy and quiet periods, drawing down only what is required, when required.

North West Based IT Facilities Management Company. Initial funds out – £35,000
Introduced by their bank manager

This long established business provides IT hardware support services. A long-time client of the bank, and enjoying use of the banks invoice finance facility, the company required additional funding against a contract which falls outside the facility. Selective Invoice Finance can be utilised to run alongside many different types of finance. Our service will only be used a few times during the year, against a particular maintenance contract type, leaving the main cash flow solution with the current invoice finance facility. A waiver on the banks debenture was secured against invoices financed by us. This has allowed the factoring facility to run more smoothly and freed up more cash for the banks client.

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To find out more about how Creative Capital can provide easy finance
for your business, call us or complete our online application form.
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