Case study

I Care Service Norfolk Ltd

I Care Services is a Norfolk based domiciliary care provider. Working predominantly with county councils, they provide care for people within their own home Environment.

After the business owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness, a member of the management staff decided to carry out a management buy-out. The purchase was completed in 2014, which is when I Care Services decided they needed additional cash flow assistance. All available funds in the business had been used to complete the buy-out, and so additional cash flow was required to ensure the solvency and reputation of the business was kept to a high standard. This solvency was key in allowing them to meet county council standards for business resiliency, which in turn led to winning a major contract.

Says Mark Pepperell, Director of I Care Services – “As a business we have nearly doubled in three years and would not have been able to achieve anything like this growth rate without the factoring support from Creative Capital. Their staff have all been very helpful and given good advice and we have been able to establish personal first name relationships which feels safe and welcoming”.

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