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Eco Homes

Eco Home Insulation is a Well-established business with over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry.

In 2018, the company attained accreditation to deliver carbon reduction measures under the government backed Eco scheme. Having delivered such measures through private contracts, the logical step was to start working on the domestic programme through utility companies. Due to the longer payment and verification processes within Eco funding, our client needed assistance with speeding up and smoothing out the cash flow within the business.

The entire process from completion of works to an invoice being paid could take up to 90 days. Says MD Daniel Marsden – “Cashflow is paramount to the success of any business. Once I raised my invoice, Creative were able to facilitate access to cash on the same day, allowing us to streamline the whole process and grow the business at a faster rate”. Since using Creative Capital, the company has been able to expand to a national level in only 6 months.

Future plans are to continue to grow the business, with the additional employment opportunities that comes with such growth. “Without the help and support of Creative Capital we simply would not have been able to achieve this in the time scales that we have”.


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