Selective Invoice Finance helps UK Clothing Manufacturer Grow

We were approached by our clients finance broker after they had spoken to various other lenders, including their bank, in order to secure the finance required to help the company grow. Having looked at a number of options, it was decided that Selective Invoice Finance was the way to go.

Since then, Tempest Fashion has taken the fashion industry by storm. With more than 12,000 Facebook followers and fans including a host of celebrities, the Newport base British Manufacturer is enjoying great success. Established in 2012 by Dan O’Connell and Gareth Williams, the company launched with less than four employees.Today they are extremely proud to be employing 22 local people having expanded their manufacturing facility in South Wales. Creative Capital are delighted to be a part if this success story. As Dan says – “Creative Capital provided a much needed cash flow solution at a time when the banks wouldn’t help. Providing an ongoing Selective Invoice Finance facility proved to be exactly what was needed at a time of considerable growth. The speed of payout, fantastic service and the great team at Creative all really helped cement our relationship. Alongside the tangible benefit of being able to select one or more invoices only when cash is needed, this flexibility works extremely well for our business”.

In a seasonal business such as manufacturing, Selective Invoice Finance provided by Creative Capital has proven to be an ideal cash flow solution. By allowing access to cash as and when it is needed, and against invoices chosen by Tempest Fashions, we have enabled our client to grow with confidence, whilst maintaining complete control of their finances.

Visit to find out more about Tempest Fashions. If you would like to know more about this story, or would like to find out about how Selective Invoice Finance could help your company, then please call us today for a chat.

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