Selective Invoice Finance helps interior design company

Growing businesses can and should be able to find cash flow solutions to fund their expansion

Spot Finance could be the answer…….

“Our business was going through an intense period of trading and we highlighted the need for a short term cash flow solution” said Nicholas Wain, MD of Image Project Solutions Ltd. “Creative Capital was recommended to us as a possible solution”.

Like many business owners, Nicholas didn’t feel that he was ready to use a full invoice factoring facility, instead preferring the ‘pay as you go’ feel of using Spot Finance to fund cash flow as and when needed. Spot Finance offers flexibility which allows businesses to unlock cash tied up in invoices, with no long term tie ins, no upfront fees and the ability to raise funds against only those invoices you select. It offers a versatile funding solution to growing businesses.

The speed with which Creative Capital can approve funding has proven to be a great benefit to Nicholas and other business owners UK wide.“The application process was effortless, a very speedy process” said Nicholas who used the service over several months. A key part of the facilities offered by Creative Capital is how quickly initial funding can be released, allowing us to assist companies who are being hit by unforeseen cash flow problems.

There are many situations where business cash flow needs can be solved using Spot Finance. Businesses are free to stop using the service when they feel they have strengthened their cash flow. Once they have stopped using the service, they are also free to start using it again, as and when they need to, without having to reapply.

You can find out more about our Spot Finance facilities here.

Thanks to Nicholas Wain, Managing Director, Image Project Solutions for his contributions to this article



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