Selective Invoice Finance Facility used to Pay the VAT Man

We often talk about how flexible we, and our facilities are, so it’s always nice to be able to show an example of this with a real life situation.

Last week, we got a sudden call from a client who had set an Selective Invoice Finance facility up with us, but had not needed to use it yet. Rather than closing the unused facility down, we decided to leave it dormant on our system, just in case they ever needed it. During the summer, cash flow had slowed down, invoices hadn’t been paid, and finance was required to pay the VAT man. Within 24 hours of receiving invoices from our client, we were able to release over £20,000 of funds and get the cash into the business to allow the VAT to be paid, and for any fines to be avoided.

This example really underlines how flexible our Selective Invoice Finance facilities can be. Once set up, they are there, ready to be used, and can be called into action at very short notice. When they are not in use, you don’t pay us a penny – no monthly fees, no activation fees, and no hassle. Whatever the reason for needing funds is, once set up, a Selective Invoice Finance facility can be the answer to your businesses short term cash flow issues.

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