Running like the wind (or a gentle zephyr) for Vision4Kids

It’s not all about single invoice finance at Creative Capital. I was recently at a networking event and was chatting to a lovely lady from Vision 4 Children, and the conversation inevitably got to fund raising. It was at this point I gamely told her about my intention to run a half marathon.

Having recently gone through much torturous physio after finally getting round to fixing various injuries, I decided the way to test if the joints were working properly would be run really far, and what better motivation to do it than run for charity?  Vision 4 Children provide treatment for visually impaired children worldwide, and increase training opportunities for practitioners both nationally and internationally. They have recently started to work in India which has a very high proportion of blind and visually impaired children. You can find out more about Vision 4 Children at

I have also set up a just giving page, and would be full of appreciation if you could help this excellent charity by sponsoring me and helping me to run/jog/crawl over the finish line of the Blackpool Half Marathon on Sunday 7th April. Click the link and lets hope we can help this great charity.

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