Cash Flow Poems for National Poetry Day

As it’s  National Poetry Day, we thought we’d throw together a few little nuggets to help celebrate this day! If you make it to the end of this collection – you deserve a prize.

There once was an invoice financier

Who thought pay as you go would be nicer

They thought It’d be great

To have a fixed interest rate

And to get funds when you want off your lender!

Sam “Giving Shakespeare a run for his Money” Forshaw – Sales and Marketing Manager

If you have a business that’s growing

Here is something worth knowing

Creative are here

All through the year

So call us, we’ll get your cash flowing!

Sue “Carol Ann Duffy? No I’m The Poet Laureate” Moore – Client Service Director

If you need money in a flash

Don’t go hunting thru the trash.

 While the banks may be thick

We can help you double quick

It is within our powers

To get you sorted in 24 hours.

Fast and simply is our way

You can relax without delay

Don’t get in an awful stew

Creative are the ones for you!

Dai “It’s all about the rhyming couplets” Rees – Director

Sorry everyone – but at least we had a go!

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