Cash flow Assistance for Renewable Energy Installation Specialist

Creative Capital recently agreed a Selective Invoice Finance facility for a renewable energy installation specialist who required cash flow assistance.

Cash flow assistance was required to finance work with a major customer to help finance the rapid growth of the contract. Approximately £10,000 was advanced to the company to help get the project off the ground, with more finance available as and when required. The payment terms of the contract indicate that invoice finance will only be required in the short term, although we have given our client the ability to draw down cash on a longer term basis if required. By not locking our client into a long term contract, we have offered the flexibility of only paying for cash flow assistance when it is actually required. Our facility also ensures our client can maintain a healthy cash flow without having to pay minimum fees each month.

Selective Invoice Finance allows our client to only finance the customer and contract that needs financing, without putting their entire ledger through a facility. This level of control and flexibility was vital to our client, and played a major part in their decision to use Selective Invoice Finance with Creative Capital.

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