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Building Materials Finance

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Keith Bolton

Director, Trade Finance

Joined Creative Capital in 2014

Following 33 years in banking working across Liverpool, Manchester and London, Keith set up the Trade Finance division of his previous employer, growing this into an established brand in the North West over a four year period.

He joined Creative Capital as a Director in May 2014 in order to establish our Trade Finance division, bringing with him a wealth of experience and contacts.

You can find out more about the products Keith provides here


Do you need to raise finance to buy materials to get a contract started and then finance throughout the contract?

Well now you can!

Working with Creative Capital, Cirrus Construction Finance has created the ideal solution for contractors by providing finance that really does support your cash flow from ordering your first batch of materials to final payment from the main contractor.

Building Materials Finance is aimed at companies within the construction sector who need to purchase large amounts of materials in order to fulfil a contract. Working typically with JCT contracts, Creative Capital can provide up to 100% of the cost of materials up front, whilst Cirrus Construction Finance provide an ongoing cash flow service. This allows you to pursue contracts which would normally be out of your reach, or would put prohibitive pressure on your cash flow.

HOW DOES IT WORK?(Click to enlarge)


Building materials finance

The Facility

An agreed facility level will be put in place, which is available for you to draw down on as and when required. This will be in place for a 12 month period, and can be reviewed as your needs grow.

Buying Materials

You source your materials as per normal, and then Creative Capital buys them, on your behalf. Delivery is made direct to site (although we can consider storage if this is required as well), and then you are free to complete the works as normal.

Completing the Contract

When you put in your valuation/application for payment, these must clearly show the breakdown between materials and labour, and must be assigned to Cirrus. Cirrus will then provide finance against the materials and measured work in progress. This money is used to clear down the Materials Finance Facility, with any excess being injected direct into your cash flow. By clearing the Materials Finance Facility, you are then able to go again, and bring more materials to site, quickly and efficiently.


A Building Materials Finance facility is reliant on good quality materials being used to fulfil orders for good quality debtors. In order to provide Building Materials Finance for our clients, we first of all need to see a copy of the contract you have. We need to know what sort of work you are doing, who the main contractor is, and who the end client is. We also need to have our interest noted in both your public liability insurance, and freight insurance. As always, we require a personal guarantee from all directors, as well as debentures in our favour. One will be held by Creative Capital, the other by Cirrus.


A Building Materials Finance facility can help you to secure work you previously would have been unable to do. You can secure better terms and relationships with your suppliers – especially if you are struggling due to restrictive credit terms. You can also negotiate more freely with your customers, safe in the knowledge cash flow will not be an issue. Cash which has previously been reserved can be unlocked, allowing you to grow your business.


We tailor our Buildings Material Finance facility to your requirements and as specialists in providing finance to the construction and contract industry, we understand how to structure funding to suit you.  To discuss your particular needs contact us today and we will show you how Building Materials Finance can help your business.

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