Who retains title to the goods?

Creative Trade Finance will retain title to the goods, until settlement/payment has been received, thus releasing the stock/title in tranches as it is required.  Please feel free to discuss how this has worked beneficially for other customers.How do we find out more about Trade Finance, Stock Finance and the Working Capital for business provided by Creative Capital?

Can I use both Invoice Finance and Trade Finance for business funding?

Yes.  At Creative Trade Finance we have an end to end stock funding solution.  You can use our trade finance for working capital which helps you buy stock, you can then use our selective invoice finance to release cash once you raise your invoice to your customer.  This is an end to end solution which funds the complete supply chain cycle.

What is an Asset Finance Bridge?

An Asset Finance Bridge can help you buy a piece of machinery or make a significant capital investment in an asset for which a lease is not immediately available.   This solves a funding dilemma for business owners.  You may need to import an asset such as machinery, once in the UK you are able to use HP or a lease but you lack the cash to get the asset into the UK.  Creative Trade Finance can bridge the gap with an asset finance bridge.

Do you provide funding to businesses to buy liquidation stock?

Yes. We can provide liquidation stock funding to support Administrators and Insolvency Practitioners. Creative Trade Finance can provide funding for the purchase of liquidated stock. When a company is placed in Administration, stock may have a retained value and the administrator will want to sell the stock. If you have an opportunity to purchase liquidation stock and need funding contact us to discuss the details.

Can you provide finance for stock without firm purchase orders?

Yes, we may be able to help you even when you don’t have purchase orders in place. We understand that, in today’s competitive commercial world, you may have to speculate to accumulate.  You may not have firm purchase orders. Stock Finance provides working capital which enables you to purchase stock from the UK or globally.  Creative Trade Finance provide up to 100% of the lander cost and buy stock for your business.  A rolling facility will be put in place which solves your short term or mid term cashflow problem.

What is Trade Finance?

Trade finance helps solve supply chain cashflow problems.  It can be particularly difficult for small business owners to obtain the required level of funding to buy stocks and support business growth.  Creative Trade Finance provides an alternative to traditional bank finance, trade finance frees up your cashflow.  In simple terms, we provide the cash you need to help you purchase stock in the UK, Europe or globally.  Within your expanding business your customers are ready to buy your stock, you have purchase orders in place and will be raising an invoice to your customer upon delivery, you lack the working capital required to buy the stock.  Up to 100% of landed cost price is available. Contact us to find out how we can finance your supply chain.

How much working capital can you provide using stock or trade finance?

Typically Creative Trade Finance arrange supply chain finance which includes trade and stock finance within the range of £25,000 to £300,000.

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