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Construction financeConstruction Finance products from Creative Capital provide essential finance products for both the front end, and back end of the construction trade cycle. For the majority of building companies, adequate working capital facilities can be very difficult to come by. For a long time, the invoice finance market has had issues working with construction companies, often due to a lack of understanding about the market. As with any other business, cash flow is still the life blood of any building company, and the lack of finance options available to them has often left the market hamstrung. Our construction finance products have been designed to address these requirements, and to enable SMEs in the building trade to access the kind of facilities any other company can access.

Many companies working within the building trade struggle to access the finance they require, simply because they are in the building trade. Our construction finance facilities are able to work with all types of construction companies. Companies who work with CIS deductions, retentions, variations etc. can all use our construction finance facilities. We can also finance standers invoices, applications for payment, or stage payments.

Construction Finance options

Construction Invoice Finance is a short term invoice finance facility which allows our clients to raise cash against invoices or applications for payment when they been raised. The facility can be used as and when required, and is perfect for companies who suffer short term cash flow issues.

Building Materials Finance is a facility which finances the front end of the building process. Creative Capital provide the finance required in order to purchase the raw materials (steel, bricks etc.) and deliver them to site. We are then repaid by our partner company financing the application for payment and clearing our balance. This type of facility is ideal for established businesses who are working on longer term projects and will require on-going financial support.

You can find out more about the best type of Construction Finance we can offer your business by selecting the appropriate product type below. You can also contact us and we will give you a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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